Blog Post #5, June 23, 2017

I kind of messed up, and it might be considered a mess up if anyone stumbles upon this while at an important event! Anyways, because I missed this, my schedule looks a lot different. Which has made me call to attention that I need a shift in perspective because the way I am doing things right now is kind of the hare, and I damn well know how much faster the tortoise finished the RACE. Cheers to all of you running it with me.. That is all I am going to say on that.

I’ve edited, established and persevered. And yet, there is so much more I am lacking and missing. I cannot go as far as I want… Maybe I can get all my things together for one final dance with the system? I definitely could use the money. Honestly, we are all people here. And for me to post today completely positive would ignore everything that I have to take care of.

The car isn’t ready, but what I was wanting to do was go to my grand mothers reception in California. I have always wanted to drive myself to California… It has been a little secret of mine that I quickly expand these borders. I feel so trapped, does anyone else feel that way? Is there and else out there?


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