How to edit your content, Blog Post #6

First of all, there are many great articles on this so please don’t take my word for it. In the same breath, please read my blog!

To edit your content, obviously first you must submit it unto whatever degree you have deemed complete; ie. website, drawings, and about any project you will ever take up.

You find yourself at the end of all your struggle realizing, hey maybe that rough draft stuff makes a lot of sense. Maybe first putting it up in front of your face is the first step to editing yourself, you need to see it in action (I suggest changing your privacy setting while not ready to establish). Other than that, there you go! Put your work somewhere organized and do as much research as you can!

I personally only take bits of knowledge that I want to use, there is so much out there!

Anyways, if you found this helpful, then if you interact with all of the other website features then I am sure you will find something worth your time.


Schachzugs Founder, Joseph


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