Real life vs your dream. Blog post #7

A lot comes to mind when we talk about your dream. A lot more is involved when we talk about life. Now, when life is pitted against your dreams, we understand that there is a balance. Until your dreams can support the scale in its entirety for what you love to do vs making money. Until that happens, you will be playing a very dangerous and humiliating game. It is on this journey that we discover just how much we do not belong with our inperfectness. So the question i am asking, how do we been seen in as our selfs for all its glory? One of my favorite producers, tyler the creator has never surpassed just that. He is getting payed and not acting fake, and yet he still is attracting the wrong crowd. This is because he is misunderstood as an idealist. In conclusion, i believe if you are thinking for yourself. You have a chance, and more importantly the world will change around you. All anyone who has reached that level ever wanted you to do, the greatest advice they could ever give, be yourself.




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