Blog Post #8, New Clothing by ‘The Clothing Mill’

Schachzugs Long Sleeve
$34.95 AUD*
Schachzugs Tank
$40.94 AUD*
Schachzugs Ninja Yoga Pants
$59.95 AUD*
Schachzugs Flower Girl Hoody
$54.95 AUD*
Schachzugs Illustrated T-Shirt
$26.94 AUD*


Today’s blog post, August 20, 2017. Is about the ability to sell objects you don’t handle. I call this a broke, others call it what you will. I wont get into detail about what it means and my true dreams while being a broker. I will tell you a couple pointers on what I have already done.

Apliiq, this website you can create campaigns that you don’t have to do the handling for. First set a desired goal, then try to achieve it, once achieved they send out your clothing.
The Clothing Mill, this website is very new to me. I just started it and I must note two things before anyone makes purchases towards them on my site. I am earning a commission to be selling my designs on their clothing. Secondly, the simple formula makes the clothing a little expensive.

This leads me to my conclusion, I will not be seriously establishing a shopping cart plugin on my website until I learn how to handle my products. Isn’t that the essential problem we all want to solve to finish the equation?

Schachzugs President..


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