The secret to earn beaucoup bitcoin. Post #11.

So and are both sites for free coins, an sites that give interest on the amount of coins you keep on their sites. Ideally for bitcoin income you want to subscribe to all of these faucets and methods, and then maximize your rewards.

Through the Multi Faucet by Mooncoin I found that your rewards are only multiplied upon there base reward given, and then a percentage of 1% for every referral, and an additional 1% for every day they’re active. It looks like this.
So, the base reward can only be doubled, tripled and quadrupled and quintupled. To me that spells out 12 Satoshi’s, 24, 36, 48, 60 every 5 minutes. Dont get me wrong, especially with longer claiming times this will be a decent payout.
But there is a limit to this formula.50% lifetime commission + up to 100% claim bonus!.


  • FREE BTC (Redeem every hr) 50% of base prize
  • MULTIPLY BTC (Casino Multiplier) 0.25% of wager
  • EARN BTC (With a balance of 30,000 satoshi’s or more) 25% of daily interest
  • Earn a massive 50% commission on all free play earnings made by your referred users. (No Earn BTC, and only one reward for the doge site.)

So…The best site for free bitcoin is ironically

Factually, bitcoin will produce a higher payout, you ask why is this, well just go take a look at the Earn BTC column and you will find an Interest Calculator.

I deposited 100,000 Satoshi’s so my calculator says

0.00000010 BTC
0.00000329 BTC
0.00004081 BTC

Okay, so the Daily interest is low, but it will be payed out to you without engagement. Secondly 100,000 Satoshi’s is about $4. So considering a real investment of lets say $100, $1000, and $5000 in Satoshi’s. (0.02BTC, , 0.24BTC, and 1.22BTC).

$100/0.02BTC (With a $100 invested you can make $3.34/yr)
0.00000219 BTC
0.00006585 BTC
0.00081610 BTC

$1000/0.24BTC (With $1000 invested you can make $39.76)<– as you can see here we are getting close to hitting out 4% annual mark
0.00002630 BTC
0.00079029 BTC
0.00979321 BTC

$5000/1.22BTC (With $5000 invested you can make $203.71)
DAILY INTEREST ($0.55 daily)
0.00013369 BTC
MONTHLY INTEREST (30D) ($16.44 monthly)
0.00401733 BTC
0.04978217 BTC

And last but not least bit of information to calculate, is if you’re using a large deposit to remember exponential growth and the interest on that, you’re awarded daily, so the reward changed daily. So you can earn about 11,000 Satoshi’s for having 100,000,000 Satoshi’s in there wallet/”bank”.
So what does this mean, this means that investing in a bank or Cryptocurrency are very different functions. The bank being much more limiting, also I found my annual comes once a year, but if it were daily, or monthly. Man would I be living, so long story short. Cryptocurrency is an investment. One that has gained value when many said it wouldn’t, and is now overcoming its recent down turn. So what shall we do next with this revolutionary idea?
Well we will have to wait and see, but it will be soon. This is because it is cutting edge, and definitely no mans land at the same time. If we can get many more sites like with its daily interest earning, then we can make mining a much stronger networking tool, and possibly a much more accessible currency.
The day we see bitcoin in our Social Media, I believe is the day we create a separate society of engaged individuals.

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