Build List Goals, Blog post #13

Engine: EJ20R swap.
Block: 1.Internals: Gapped Plugs, Polished Crank, Wesco Pistons, Eagle Conrods Upgraded Cams, ARP Crank and Studs, Lightweight Flywheel.
2. Externals: Sti Fuel Pump, Performance Radiator Cooling Plates, Perrin/Whiteline Engine Mount, WRX crossmember, lower cradle, subframe, custom drive shaft, Stainless Steel Oil Lines that are taped from oil galley and return to oil pan, Lightweight Lithium Battery, Lightweight Crank Pulley, and other lightweight pulleys, Lightweight Aluminum Radiator

Turbo:Cobbturbo, Avo Turbo, Amazon, Full Race Twinscroll
Piping- Custom uppipe, custom downpipe w/ HFC, customize headers

EJ20R or (EJ20H/EJ20G) Single Turbo Conversion (W/ Harness)
Places to purchase:
( black box of doom brokindarkagain sticky)
( ( ( (

TCU for EJ20R Tuning
EM, Pp6, AEM (ms1+msns Extra or MS2 decoder adapter), Megasquirt, GPIO for PnP projects, V3/V3.57/GPIO

TMIC (W/ Intercooler spray driven by wire throttle)
o Grimmspeed
o Mishimoto
o Perrin
o Cobbs Stage II
• Ceramic Header Coating
• New System

o 205/55/R16 , New Track and Winter Tires.
o Tire Pressure=- 10% of max 44x.1=4.9.. 44-4.9=39.1
Brackets, Bushings and Bars
o Bump Steer Audjusting Kit
o Whiteline Center Roll Adjusters
o Whiteline Bushings
o Whiteline Sway bar Brackets
o Whiteline (adjustable) Front Sway bar 20-22mm
o Whiteline (adjustable) Rear Sway bar 18-22mm
o Whiteline Rear End Links
o Whiteline Front End Links
o Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
o Spec-D or Cusco Front Strut bar or Tein EDFC SXMS rear strut bar
o Cusco Rear Strut Bar

(WILL WORK) 04 sti strut (strut hub) 5×100
(WONT WORK) 05 sti strut (strut hub) 5×114.5,
04 WRX AGXes Kyb Strut(s) x (4) 733010-RR $144.90, 733011-LR $144.90, 734006-RF $140.40, 734007-LF $140.40
Can use 05-07 sti springs..

-Brake Cooling Kit
o Clean slides/pistons/fluid
o Replace, 1) Pistons x 6 2) new rear pins(Already did front calipers slides) 3) New clips/Pads 4) Seals
o Stoptech brake kit
o Perrin Master Cylinder Brace
o Speed Bleeder Valves
o Cobb Stainless Steel Brake Lines
o Super Blue Brake Fluid
o Slotted Rotors
o Premi Pads

Drive Train
ACT 6 Puck Racing Disk
ACT Pressure Plate
Carbign Craft Custom Alternator Carbon Fiber Cover

6 Spd
-Kartboy shortshift, shift bushings
Redline Transmission Fluid
Cobb Upgraded Mount
WRX Differentials

o 5 Pt Tanaka Harness
o Roll Cage
o Sti or JDM Dash (Comfort or twin turbo ability)

Weight Reduction(Whats left to do that is):
-Door Panels
-trunk sticky leftovers
-Shorter Bolts
o Front Air Dam
o Adjustable Spoiler
o Air Ducts
o Vortex Generators integrate with the trailing edge of the roof
o Front Bumper Canards
o Formula GT3 Mirrors reduce drag and improve visibility
o Front Wind Splitters integrate with the front bumper
o Rear Diffusers integrate with the rear bumper
o Side Rocker Extensions
o Plastic Windows w/ventsmishimotologo


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